Our Story



I'm Kokarcia, which means "skunk" in Turkish. I'm a friendly animal except occasionally I release bad smell to defend myself from predators, but this does not have anything to do with the story...

Well, these two ladies in the above picture are my creators. The one on the left is Grazia. She is from Venice. She designs everything you see in this website. Right one's name is Gaye. She is from Istanbul, but lives in Milan. She does everything else.

We have the simple goal of creating authentic clothing by transforming traditional prints but not only into modern and stylish garments for kids and sometimes their parents.

We love colorful flower and animal stamps. We source our fabric from Turkey, selecting natural materials, mainly cotton or linen that are both good for the environment and good for your kids.

We also wrap each purchased item with colorful cloth bags recycled from old garments. They are also great to be reused for example as a small lingerie pochette in your suitcase.   

All our items are designed in Venice and made in Istanbul. To realize production we collaborate only with tailors or small ateliers who work in fair conditions.

We believe in kids and parents who never stop being curious and appreciate the different.

Thanks & keep your curiosity alive!